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Rectractable barrier has been developed to provide a user friendly access control with high throughput & good aesthetic look for higher security applications where a visual/physical barrier is required.

The BARRIER provide a solution to the common problems faced by the modern business environment, such as quick access for staff & visitors, while protecting assets, information & personnel from the danger of unauthorized entry, in an aesthetic environment.

BARRIER consists of two or more adjacent housings with a barrier panel to create high-speed pedestrian walkways. Further housings (with two barrier panel & electronics back to back in one housing called as inter lane) may be inserted to increase the number of lanes of access. The BARRIER is truly bi-directional. The barrier panel react with a valid card read & retract inside the housings (inc normally closed applications). In normally open mode of application flaps are always open.

Inbuilt micro-controller based controller offers optoisolated inputs & outputs for interfacing with external devices & is compatible with all types of access control readers, card based, biometric etc.

Retractable flap barrier product range:
Retractable Flap barrier is available in single lane & multiple lane (either even or odd) configurations as per site requirements.

Two housings (end column) with retractable flap make one lane of access. One housing (inter lane) with two flaps back to back is used in between the end columns to increase the number of lanes.

Features :

  • Opening time : 0.5 second
  • Drive systems incorporate highly reliable torque controlled DC servo motor / (Optional) Torque motor
  • Any access control device compatible
  • Passage clearance 520 or 900 mm
  • High throughout
  • Optical beams for safety movements
  • Bi-directional control
  • CE Approved
  • Closed mode of operation / Normally open (optional)
  • Ensures rapid, efficient & safe access control.
  • Upto-isolated inputs & outputs for interfacing external device


Applications :

Entrance & exit points in corporate offices, manufacturing units, amusement park, where controlled access is essential but both aesthetics & pedestrian throughput is major concern.


Typical installations sites :

Zoos / Park / Corporate houses / Shopping Mall / Railway stations / Airports / Sports Complex / Museums / BPO / Call Centers.


Models :

BARRIERS for pedestrian / handicapped access control system with passage clearance of 520 mm and 900 mm Modes of operation Normally closed / Normally open BARRIER with tailgate detection feature for pedestrian & handicapped person.


Technology :

The drive mechanism incorporates a high torque motor with almost 100% duty cycle & operating on single arm against retractable barrier. This produces a speed controlled motion. The lever arm can be adjusted so that panels can be opened after certain force is applied at a certain position. In the even of power failure panels can be specified to remain closed (Fail Locked mode) OR Open (Fail Safe mode). The retractable barrier can be operated in normally closed or open mode (Optional).


Safety :

The optical beam installed in the housings close to the retractable panels will inhibit the closing of the panel while the person is in the area of these panels, therefore the injury to a person is nearly impossible.


Housing & Barrier :

The housing is made of heavy-gauge Mild Steel sheet metal (BARRIERS) & epoxy powder coated with dark grey, siemens grey. Optional colors are also available on request if required. Stainless Steel housings (BARRIERS) are also available in 316 grade with brush finish. The retractable flap barrier is made from 20 MM opaque (clear is optional) acrylic or polycarbonate (optional).


Installation :

Housing is fixed to a structural floor & will not require support from sidewalls or ceilings. Fixed is normally by means of expanding bolts (Anchor bolts) into structural concrete base.


Integration :

Retractable Flap barrier can be easily integrated with Proximity Reader, Smart Reader, Finger Print Reader based biometrics or any other Access Control system.


Options :

Lane Indication, tailgate detection etc.



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