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Visitor Management Systems
Visitor Management Systems with Finger Print


Visitor Management System with Finger Print :

"This system is targeted to facilities with a high volume of visitors and employees. In addition to improving security and decreasing liability, this new technology will allow our clients to free up their receptionists or security personnel and replace their manual visitor logbooks."

Visitors, Vehicles & Contract Laborers in today's world of security threats, this application provide the users with a way to dynamically alter the way the security of the visitors is handled. Using this application, one can take web shots of the visitors using a computer connected camera and an immediate pass can be issued. This pass contains visitor photograph with all other relevant details. This will be stored in memory for future analysis and retrieval. VMS supports fully user definable pass format. The windows based software is very user friendly and has been designed keeping in mind security personnel as operator. In a networking environment, online verification of visitor with employee can be done before issuing a pass to the visitor. Visitor details along with the photograph are transferred on to the employee computer for verification and on the approval from employee end, an immediate pass is issued to the visitor. VMS is ideally located at security office. Various MIS reports can be generated like

• Passes issued to a particular person or contractor.
• Number of visitor for a particular department.
• Number of Visitors for a particular employee.
• Numbers of visitors at a given time in company premises.

Barcode can be printed on the visitor slip and with CCD Barcode Scanner visitor’s slip will be collected while he/ she leaves the company gate and with just a flash on slip visitor is logged off with the time recorded in the system. For regular visitors and contract workers, no need to take snapshot and feed details again, with just placing finger/ thumb slip will be printed with all details and photographs, which will be again stored in the hard disk of the system.

U.R.U - 4000 fingerprint sensor :

  • Integration of Finger Print sensor and finger templates to store in database of the Visitor Management software for frequent visitors
  • Microsoft Web camera with stand to take web shots of visitors
  • SQL database for System
  • Multi – user, client / server software OR WEB based (ASP.NET) software
  • Computability of VMS system with Barcode CCD/ Laser scanner to avoid manual out/ exit of visitors
  • All MIS reporting like Number of visitors at given time in company campus, department / employee wise visitors, time spent and time of leaving the visiting employee
  • Capability of generating temporary work permit with validity of period
  • Storage of all visitors photographs in jpg format in the system for easy retrieval at future date / making visitor pass for next visit without spending time on taking snap shot or generating pass
  • Visitor slip with photo to pop-up on PC of concerned employee
  • Tailor made visitor slip and flexibility to change the same as and when required
  • Capability to generate VIP Visitor pass
  • Prior intimation of appointment and same information ready at security gate
  • Can be integrated with any Access Control viz Fingerprint or Smartcard with Elecro Magnetic lock, Tripods, Turnstiles etc.
  • With the same software segregation of different class of Visitors like normal visitors, VIP visitors or Contract employees possible






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